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“There is real progress only when the advantages

  of a new technology become for everyone.”


Baropodometric platforms

In recent years the Electronic Baropodometer has evolved thanks to the efforts of scientific research and is today an evaluation tool...


3D scanner

Precise and fast 3D laser scanning. Automatic measurement and reporting.

Excellent for scanning phenolic foams, lasts and the patient's foot.


B.P.S Body Postural System

The system allows you to carry out morphological analysis of the body to visually evaluate and numerically quantify any asymmetries...


Sensorized treadmill

Baropodometric treadmill with a sensory surface of 120 x 40 cm for acquisition with 76,800 sensors at 400 Fps...


Numerically controlled pantographs for the production of foot orthoses.

Unique machinery in the world, completely designed and built in our headquarters, production speed of a pair of insoles 2 minutes and 50 seconds at maximum power.

Equipped with a suction surface to keep the material still and no longer use double-sided tape.

Simple and intuitive software, capable of cutting any production file.

Small and elegant, an indispensable machine for those who want to produce superior level foot orthoses.

The MedicalCam system by Medical Technology is a computerized pantograph that carries out processing on thermoformable materials.

The 3D Modeling Software allows you to make any type of modification.

Foot Balance

The system analyzes the arch of the foot to understand whether the patient has a normal, hollow or flat foot, how our ankle reacts when subjected to load (hyperpronation or supination) and how the Windlass effect improves the foot in case of problems.

Based on the results obtained, the software shows the patient any problems caused by their foot alignment and how FootBalance insoles can help alleviate or prevent them.

Having verified the actual need for insoles for the patient and which are the most effective, we proceed with the modeling. A special aid preserves the positioning of the foot with the WindLass effect, modeling the insole on what is the maximum natural expression of its mid-arch, all in just a few minutes.


FootBalance insoles differ based on torsional rigidity (stiffness) and compression (cushioning), to better adapt to weight, gender, lifestyle or sporting activity practiced.


Medical Silver


Medical Gold


Medical Black


Medical Green Soft


Balance Sports


Balance Narrow


Control Sport


Impact Sports


Products entirely designed and built inItaly.

All of our software and systems are conceived, designed and created entirely by us in our production headquarters in Rome, this allows us to monitor every single step of production, giving us the opportunity to assist you in the best possible way.

Product Specialists at your service

Qualified staff to answer your questions and train you on the use of the products marketed.

Assistance Technique

You will be able to avail of the help of specialized technicians, constantly updated on new technologies and new products.


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