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Custom orthotics

Dynamo Pro 2.0


Inserting Objects

The software has a list of corrective inserts in its memory that can be recalled and inserted on the orthosis, choosing the desired size and height.

Once the object has been positioned, you can continue to modify it according to your needs.

Baropodometric image overlay

If you have a baropodometric platform it is possible to recall the average of the exam to insert it directly on the insole, to be able to automatically or manually select the baropodometric discharges.


3D scan imports

It will be possible to upload stl files, phenolic foams or the patient's foot, scanned with our 3D scanner, the software will detect the height measurements of the file and allow us to make a cast orthosis.

3D scanned insole

Import 2D scans

If a 2D scanner is used, we will be able to import the breech image to subsequently superimpose it on the orthosis to detect the areas of maximum contact.

2D scan insole
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Continuous recording of changes

Every change made is automatically saved so you can have a complete history of all the changes made to the orthosis.

At the end of the work you can save the .Iso file by setting cutting and roughing speeds depending on the CNC machine used.

ISO files

Contact form

Are you interested in the Ortho Dynamo Pro 2.0 Software or do you want more information? Contact us to find out more.

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